Opsydia is set to disrupt a number of industries by its ability to create practically invisible structures inside transparent materials. Permanent and inimitable serial numbers, images or cryptographic data can be laser-written without compromising the integrity of the material or modifying its surface. Material applications include diamond, glass and polymers (see Applications for more details).

Precision photonics

Utilising ultrafast pulsed lasers and world-leading adaptive optics research from the University of Oxford, Opsydia's industry-ready technology allows incredible amounts of energy to be delivered to a tiny volume in a shorter time than one trillionth of a second. This enables deterministic, nano-scale material modifications to occur where otherwise impossible, such as deep below the surface of diamond.

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Industrious innovation

Opsydia spun out from the University of Oxford in September 2017, based on the joint research of Prof. Martin Booth and Dr. Patrick Salter. With significant scientific instrumentation and manufacturing industry expertise from our executive and engineering teams, Opsydia is able to harness leading-edge university research and transform this into reliable processes for large-scale commercial endeavours.

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